Market Making


Crypto Support is a company passionate about helping traders and investors of various cryptocurrencies make realistic and quantum gain gradually by carefully and expertly guiding them on strategic investing and sales. Our solutions are ones that have undergone the high heat of intense scrutiny and checks. As a result of our many years of experience in the trading scenes, as well as, the number of revered professionals in partnership with us, we have played vital roles in helping crypto enthusiasts achieve financial milestones via smart trading and investing.


At Crypto Support, we are especially skilled in promoting crypto projects that are listed and reliable on the tokens/coins exchange. Our system – which has been approved and recommended by a number of expert analysts – are moderated by a professional team that has recorded boundless successes in multiple projects before.

We basically do the ‘Heavy Lifting’ for you in trading and investing of crypto currencies, and help you stack your gain in an actually real fashion.

Why do almost all project token or coin prices stay in the same price or even lose value?

This is because there is no pressing demand for these tokens, and as a result they do not appreciate in worth! Forget about using several the many marketing companies that don’t guarantee success or tangible engagement, what we offer at Crypto Support has been intricately developed, subsequently subjected to rigorous tests and is trusted to deliver on our promises.


At Crypto Support, we believe so much in results! We choose to recognise them at the true markers of value and success. That is why as a potential customer, we do well to avail you with some promises that will help you gauge our efficiency in the weeks and months to come.

As a promise,  Crypto Support promises to yield

Immediate Results Starting Just 1 Week

After 7 days of our management of your tokens, you will observe very noticeable and gradual appreciations in the value of your coins on the platform. This goes to buttress the confidence we have in our strategies, to which our subscribers testify.

Long Term Cooperation/Assistance Till 1 Year

We are not one of those other firms who delivers on a shaky success, takes your money and then leaves you high and dry. At Crypto Support, we are pleased to see you grow, monitor your gains and provide professional counsel for as long as 1 whole year!


We can raise the price and volume of your stock by 200%, 300% or even 500% from the time you begin. Our system is excellent because it helps you know how the prise is being raised as it relates to demand. As a matter of fact, the more the demad, the higher the value of your stock.

Did you know that we have made over 45 cooperations with crypto signal companies? Indeed we have! Our quest for crisp results has made us partner with some of the best traders in the world, and with them we will get your project to the next level.

Also know that our system is internally incorporated by premium networking systems. What this means for you is that your project will experience a steady, gradual and stable growth without any chance of getting dumped. Our promotion system plan goes from short term to long term i.e 1 week to as much as 1 year.


At Crypto Support, we offer holistic financial services that are geared towards helping you attain financial liberty, confidence and comfort from your crypto investments and trades. Our world-class team is available to provide premium guidance and education for every investment path in cryptocurrency that you are looking to explore, and they are capable of helping you your set goals.


Get Ahead Today with Our Topnotch Professional Services

Here are the services we offer at Crypto Support:

In-depth Analysis

We employ the services of our topshelf staff in offering you quality analysis of your coin choices, their potential in the token exchange and further guidance as is necessary.

Professional Token Evaluation

The experts at Crypto Support are available for independent professional Token evaluation. This single service has rid big companies and private investors from making devastating errors in their trade choices.


General counseling is also offered by our team of experts in every subject of crypto related trading, investment and business.

Actual Crypto Trading & Investment

This is the mainstay of our service. Our life’s work has been devoted to optimizing the processes involved in trading on the token exchange and even more so, we have worked to ensure quantum positive results for all traders in the scheme by developing carefully crafted solutions for trading and investments. Join our increasing number of grateful traders today and make steady progress on ALL your investments.


You are just one step away from a life-changing decision!

There are already over 13,000,000 crypto traders and investors making incredible gains from their investments cumulatively to the tune of 100 billion per day! Our packages will get you started on this glorious journey towards your dreams. We offer you to get in and with our strategy and our 45 crypto signal company/channel cooperation partners, make substantial daily gains.


  • $0/mo
  • 6 ETH


    • 90,000 Investor Notification
    • 900,000 Trader Notification
    • 7 Crypto signal company/channels Promotion
    • Increased visibility on IEO ‘competitors’
    • 3 Premium Investor pools


  • $0/mo
  • 4 ETH


    • 90,000 Investor Notification
    • 7 Crypto signal company/channels Promotion
    • 3 Premium Investor pools
    • Increased visibility on ICO ‘competitors’


  • $0/mo
  • Starting from 0,1 BTC


    • IDAX          1 BTC
    • Digifinex       3 BTC
    • OKEX          20 BTC
    • Kucoin        2,5 BTC
    • Binance        ask
    • LOEX     3 BTC
    • Bithumb     3 BTC
    • Hitbtc       2 btc

  • Starter Plan

  • $0/mo
  • 5 ETH


    • 30 days promotion
    • 10 Crypto signal company/channels included
    • 150,000 active traders and investors
    • Volume up
    • Extra notification to 50,000 traders
    • Promote your token/coin to investors
    • Full confidentiality

  • Premium Plan

  • $0/mo
  • 7 ETH


    • 3 months promotion
    • 20 Crypto signal company/channels included
    • 300,000 active traders and investors
    • Volume up
    • Extra notification to 100,000 traders
    • Promote your token/coin to investors
    • Full confidentiality

  • Long Term Plan

  • $0/mo
  • 15 ETH


    • 3 months promotion
      35 Crypto signal company/channels included
    • 450,000 active traders and investors
    • Volume up
    • Extra notification to 200,000 traders
    • Promote your token/coin to investors
    • Full confidentiality


Token or coin % rise is dependent on the Project Day volume, Market cap, Exchange and the Trading sell walls, for more accurate information please contact our specialist.
All payments can be made also in tokens/coins if token/coin Volume is at least 30000$ per day.