IEO on 30+ exchanges
IEO — Initial Exchange Offering

“The Initial Exchange Offering is a new approach to crypto-banking that is slowly catching the interest of ICOs and traders across the world. This new system provides a different type of exchange where the exchange acts as middle man between projects and contributors.”

Our company offer full service starting from project review and full analyze to know if project pass exchange terms till project fully IEO listing.

More marketing from exchange

Price is 30-50% lower than official one

The payment directly to exchange

30% discount for IEO promotion pack


Preliminary audit of the project (in accordance with the Exchange’s checklist)

We provide your project with a free review and assessment as to whether it qualifies for an IEO in line with the Exchange’s specific checklist

Investment package preparation

We ensure project IEO ready and ideally packaged for investors by performing all necessary modifications to documentation: White Paper, Investment Teaser, One Pager, Website etc

Legal Framework preparation

Formation & Incorporation of legal entity structure, legal opinion and project review, full document preparation, etc. compliance with Regulation D from SEC (if required)

Negotiation with Exchanges

We guarantee direct dialog with at least 3 of the top leading exchanges

Sale and Listing of your token

The exchange announces and then lists and sells your token

Full List of Our Services For IEO

For the projects we select we provide full range of services

Listing Package

1st Listing Package
Our Promotion

(Ask for price)

Fine Tuning Listing

2nd Listing package
Express audit
our full promotion
market making

(From 10,000$ + exchange listing fee)